Product philosophy

I, Hilde Schaal, born in 1964 in Prüm and now based in Schlierschied have since 1999 owned a ceramics workshop in Schlierschied (Germany). The creative possibilities from the plasticity of clay as well as the fascination of the interaction between earth and fire serves as both stimulation and a challenge for me at the same time.

Ceramics and their surfaces:

I put selected clays from the Westerwald in the clay pit with a mixture of EM * (effective microorganisms). The clay is turned on the potter's wheel or built using ceramic clay with the help of the plate roller or stick. Turned pots are turned off and stored for drying.

Predominantly natural and harmless self-developed ash, clay and feldspar glazes are supplemented with color bodies, oxides or color frits. The reduction firing at approx. 1280 ° degrees with open flame creates a unique surface. The dishes are suitable for everyday use and are stoneware, food safe and dishwasher safe, and suitable for gas, wood and electric furnace.

I produce table ware for everyday use, washbasins, lamps, garden lights, plant pots, fountains, tiles and much more. The ceramics for the outdoors are winter-proof and robust due to their high fireclay shares and firing temperature: planters, bollards, lighthouses, fire bowls, garden light objects …

Naked Raku and Raku from the wood fire such as cans, tea mugs and urns as well as individual pieces made of porcelain are exciting challenges of my work. The ceramics are resistant in a fast moving time. They are practical, designed for everyday life and artistically designed.

I can also make custom table ware or other preferred products, just let me know!

* EM Ceramic: The EM excludes the non-mineral components in the clay. The mass gets finer, the ceramic gets a different density in the fire and thus a higher vibration. These improvements increase not only the value of the ceramics themselves, but also of the food and drinks enjoyed from them.

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